Todd Mrozinski


About the Fire Paintings (2007-2009)

Many of these paintings are done from memories and photos of fires that I have had in my yard. Each fire is unique, spreads it’s own light, is the center of gatherings and a source of meditation. Most of us have the primeval urge to sit in front of a fire. By painting them I wish to capture the wonder of fire, to offer the viewer the opportunity to see an ever changing natural element frozen in time. My work deals with the tension between surface and image, the play between foreground and background, the hidden and revealed image, and a concentration of sensation.



About the Log Paintings (2003-2010)

“right now I’m painting logs, that is what I kept thinking about a while ago, so I just started to paint them. I guess they make me more aware of the beauty and joy in life, and act as a meditation on mortality and as Guston has said, “the thickness of things”. For me, paintings can act as memory containers, vessels that hold symbolic meaning, evidence of investigation into a subjects materiality and essence and the very beauty and lusciousness of paint that transforms into space and light on a flat surface.

The objects I paint kind of jump out at me as little treasures, the idea of finding the divine in the mundane is really interesting to me. Painting is a means to stay in an artistic state, which I find is a spiritual state. When I’m in that aesthetic state of mind, objects and environments and people look fascinating, like when you were a little kid and saw a dog for the first time. I love being in that state, that’s my goal. And to paint what I see as truth. ”

-from a letter to a friend, 2006



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